Essay on The Current Wave Of Economic Revitalization

Essay on The Current Wave Of Economic Revitalization

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The current wave of economic revitalization resonates as a wake-up call for governments to come up with appropriate policies and apply them in both private and public administration to be at par with global competition from countries that they have historically shared favorable trade relations. As a result of this awareness, public sectors in these nations have continued to experience periodic policy reforms all aimed at increasing efficiency in the use of public resources as well as reducing prodigality. This paper addresses some of the strategies used in management of public administration that could have potential lingering effects on normal public service activities.
Strategic management refers to an informed decision to select policies, capacity development and manager’s interpretation of the environment which seeks to direct all efforts of an organization towards achieving a defined set of objectives (Hoggett, 2006). A perfect example in the public sector context is crime rate reduction strategy.
Planning Strategy
There are a number of managerial strategies that public administration can utilize to effect positive change and advance the quality of public service; strategic planning is one such approach. Amongst the most accepted definitions, planning refers to what management does today in order to prepare the organization for tomorrow (Boyne, G., 2004). According to Cohen and Eimicke, (1996) the role of a strategy is to delineate resources which can eventually prove useful in meeting specific future needs. More often, this strategy formulation begins when certain objectives to be accomplished are identified and appropriate methodology thereafter designed to achieve them, with deliberate regard to specific available resourc...

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...ges that need to made, implementation, management, and charting a route that will espouse the requisite transformation (McInerney, R. & Barrows, D. , n.d.). Such can be seen in the case of “Affirmative Action” wherein certain strategies should have been effected and course set to develop the programs, structures, mechanisms in accord with the transmutation of policies. Likewise with the events that transpired in Abu Ghraib, subject to a more holistic eye, the organizational structure would have been a benefactor of both planning and reengineering managerial strategies. The broad arena of public administration commissioned with a complex regulatory environment is best served by having effective public managers, with their willingness to work around constraints, eliminate unnecessary and wasteful measures, and advocate for the greater good of the community it serves.

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