Current Urs Workplace Conflict And The Effects On The Organization Essay

Current Urs Workplace Conflict And The Effects On The Organization Essay

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A project leader is currently facing a dilemma that is causing conflict on one of the company’s test support teams. Team member “A” is having a conflict with other team members, and is also in disagreement with the project leader. Under what is considered normal operations, there would be plenty of work that the project leader could allocate to the various team members. However, there is one project that is coming to a close and the workload has reduced immensely. The purpose of this paper is to discuss a current URS workplace conflict and the techniques which can be used to arrive at a resolution and the potential impact on the organization.
The URS project leader met with the team members and informed them that work will be slow for the next couple of months and there will not be enough work for each team member to work full-time. The project leader further stated that a there are two options for a short-term solution: 1) two team members will have to take leave without pay for two months, while one team member continues to work full-time, or 2) the three team members could each work part-time during the same period - in anticipation of supplementing additional hours by supporting another project leader as needed. Team member “A” does not want to take time off or work part-time. Although the team members are accustomed to doing what is required to accomplish the mission, they more so work effectively as a unit to demonstrate team pride. However, this is a situation that is construed as out of the norm.
Impact Due to Cultural Norms
Individual behavior patterns or certain workplace practices demonstrated by employees are often referred to as cultural norms (NCREL, n.d.). The URS organizational culture and customer support st...

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...laborating to resolve an issue expressed by a project team member. Some organizations work in teams as a part of its culture. When working in teams, conflict is likely to occur; therefore organization should have tools and techniques in place to properly train leaders (and team members) effective ways to manage and resolve conflict. As a result of the training, leaders may have a better understanding of how to match the correct conflict resolution technique to the situation during the decision-making process. Furthermore, leaders will learn to identify the pros and cons of implementing a particular technique. “While conflict on teams is inevitable, its results are not predetermined. Conflict could escalate and lead to nonproductive results, or—if handled wisely—it can be beneficially resolved and lead to positive changes and new understandings” (Rosso, 2015, p. 38).

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