The Current Underway Operational Specialist Essay example

The Current Underway Operational Specialist Essay example

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1. The current underway Operational Specialist (OS) rate is untrained and unprepared to serve on all large cutter platforms. Operational Specialist”A” school is not teaching the underway material. Thus, OS “A” school graduates are arriving without the required training and causing a burden on the crew. The Coast Guard must create an underway Operational Specialist sea school for first time afloat and returning sea duty candidates.

2. Operational Specialist “A” school is focused on teaching and preparing students for Sector’s or Group duty were an overwhelming number of the rate is stationed. In the last OS occupational survey and change to the rate; the majority of all underway teaching were removed from the OS “A” school house. The new OS occupational survey is currently in progress, but the results and changes are years away with no guarantee the cutter requirements will return to the school house. The Ratings Performance and Qualifications (RPQs) were changed in according with the new direction for the rate excluding the underway job descriptions.

3. No standard OS Practical Qualification Standard (PQS) exist for all underway OS’s fleet wide. Because of this the teaching and importance of each different topic is subjective to the cutter instead of fleet wide guidance causing a non-standard system to be in place. The Watch station Qualification Standards (WQS) is not published for the OS rate, making COMDT mandatory PQS for all large cutter types.

4. With the shortage and bonus programs several OS’s go straight from boot camp to OS “A” school without every serving in the fleet or experiencing cutter life as a non-rate. Because of this not only are the newly reported OS3 deficient in their training but they are ov...

... middle of paper ...

...specialized training to the fleet for a small cost compared to the loss of productivity in the fleet. For the betterment of highly trained personnel and well equipped large cutter crews the cost is reasonable with built in progress reports and an adjusting curriculum.

8. In closing, the OS underway rate is in dire need of a dedicated sea school. The OS “A” school is not teaching the cutter material, this requested sea school would bridge the training gap and relieve impacted crews of training burdens for a more informed and highly trained OS department. The overall impact of the OS underway sea school will have is a rippling effect which would shine a positive light on a current standing issue. Without this topic being addressed the Coast Guard will remain status quo and fail an entire rate, which has direct relations on some many others in the underway community.

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