Current State Of Reverse Logistics Essay

Current State Of Reverse Logistics Essay

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Reverse logistics is a concept that has attracted considerable attention in the recent past because of the new interest in its processes. The increased interests in reverse logistics occur regardless of the little information regarding the size and extent of reverse logistics processes and activities. As the interests on reverse logistics have grown, the concept and its processes have been characterized by the emergence of new trends and practices. The focus of this project is to describe the current state of reverse logistics and attempt to determine and evaluate trends and practices. The determination of the recent trends and practices in reverse logistics incorporates examining the degree of its activities and processes in supply chain management. The author will focus on determining existing practices and trends, assessing them, and generating information regarding the trends in today’s reverse logistics practices.
Overview of Reverse Logistics Processes
In general, reverse logistics is a relatively new concept that has continued to attract considerable due to its link to inventory and supply chain management processes. According to Rogers & Tibben-Lembke (1998), reverse logistics is a relatively new and developing area or segment with only limited or minimal amount of information available. The supply management field has very little information that has been published relating to reverse logistics. The limited availability of information is partly attributed to the nature of its processes that generally differ from forward or outbound logistics.
Reverse logistics can be described as the backward or reverse procedure of logistics, which is largely viewed as the process of recycling goods. Unlike forward...

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...ure effective disposal. The significance of secondary markets is attributed to the fact that every system requires having a way of getting rid of unwanted or excess materials. The main role of secondary markets in relation to reverse logistics operations is that they act as drains for regaining value or disposal of defective products or unwanted materials. In the supply management processes of products, drains are similarly crucial since not all products or goods that are taken to retailers for sale are actually sold. Some of these products will be returned, which necessitates the development of a means for the system to deal with the products. The absence of the means or drains to deal with the materials or items would contribute to drowning in the unwanted material. Secondary markets act as effective drains or the system’s disposal measure for unwanted goods.

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