Current State Of Family Engagement Essay

Current State Of Family Engagement Essay

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Current State of Family Engagement
Dimension What are our current practices? How do these practices impact the socio-economic, linguistic, and cultural aspects of your school? What is working well? What data do you have to support the current plan? What needs more work? What data do you have to support these identified needs?
Communication to and from parents School encourages phone calls and emails home, both positive and negative. I think this helps parents feel like they informed about their child’s education. Some parents may feel that it a burden for the school to be calling all the time if the calls are negative. This may affect the culture of the school because parents only visit the school during parent required nights or visits to the school when they are upset or angry. The school collects extensive data on behavior. An infraction log is kept organized by the student and when parents are contacted, this log in kept on a website called Symballo that the whole staff has access too. Extensive is also collected on tardies and referrals. This data is called “PRIDE” data that keeps track of each individual’s behavior and compares each grade level in the building. Gradebook data can also be used to help keep parents informed on progress.
The district also conducts home visits to some of the parents at the school, if allowed by the parents. The principal sent out a survey asking how often we called about positive things. The data from this survey shows the teachers are making more negative phone calls than positive ones.
Teachers need to try to match their positive phone calls with their negative phone calls in order to build trust and communication with the parents.
Parents as partners in student learning Parents can check...

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...n classroom placement. In general education parents complain about their student’s grades. Parents of children with special needs sit in on conferences and make crucial decisions about their child’s education as required by federal law.
Parents can attend board meetings. Based on my own experience, I feel like parents do not feel like they are decision makers because they are often told that their child needs to improve, but do not get the opportunity to be involved in classroom decisions.
Identifying Community Resources Teachers and counselors often pass on information to parents about community resources that may be able to help their child academically, emotionally and socially. Counselors and social worker have many resources to offer parents. New teachers are not trained or told by local resources to share with families and rely heavily on the counselors.

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