Essay on Current Social Media And Mobile Technology Strategy

Essay on Current Social Media And Mobile Technology Strategy

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Current Social Media and Mobile Technology Strategy
The social media and mobile technology strategy currently in place for Movember Canada is quite sufficient and inclusive of the many mobile platforms. The Movember Foundation, in its entirety, is as successful and popular as it is because its keen ability to leverage its social media assets and mobile technologies. The foundation’s main form of fund-raising is largely centred on the pledges effective use of their individual social media profiles to promote their Movember Profile and online fundraising ability. The pledges are able to constantly update their social media profiles (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc…) with pictures of their growing moustache and fundraising efforts using the Movember mobile app’s, available for both Android and iPhone. Therefore, the foundation has set up a simple, yet complex, social media and mobile technology infrastructure for its pledges that is cross-platform and streamlined. Their strategy not only inherently increases funds raised towards mens health initiatives, but it also increases the foundations exposure since the organization is getting free advertisement on millions of it’s pledges social media profiles, simultaneously.
That said, the issue with the social media strategy currently place is in the foundation’s own social media activity. The Canadian branch of the Movember Foundation currently has limited activity on Facebook and Twitter outside of the actual month of Movember. Movember Canada’ s twitter handle was last active on December 8th, while the last Facebook post made was on December 3rd, which included picture of the Vancouver Gala Parté 2014. Therefore, the foundation currently inconsistent, but still content-driven, p...

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... is a wasted of opportunity because it has the chance to educate a large audience on mens health issues and initiatives.
However, Movember Canada does provide engaging content to its follower through various other forms of content on social media. On Twitter the organization retweets many of its followers pictures and also tags its followers picture on Facebook; both on Twitter and Facebook Movember Canada posts original content that include photos such as memes, images of famous individuals, such as sports stars, showing off their Mo’s etc… The organization also posts many videos of artists who throwing concerts in partnership with or supporting Movember Canada. Therefore, although Movember Canada’s social media sites lack in posts rich in educational information and are not feedback oriented content, the organization excels in posting original and engaging content.

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