Current Research on Media Rituals and Contemporary Technologies Essay example

Current Research on Media Rituals and Contemporary Technologies Essay example

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APPLICATION AND CURRENT RESEARCH (in relation to contemporary media)
The four contemporary articles which will be analysed, are reflective of the current research on media rituals and contemporary technologies. The research of these authors (Anderson, Bilic, Csaszi and Maj) has been focused on broadening the concept of media rituals and their applications, particularly in relation to digital and internet forms. By critically analysing the content of these authors’ essays, this will further explain the significance of media rituals to everyday life.

Siblings in Cyberspace: Carey’s Ritual Model of Communication in the Digital Age by Helen Anderson (2011)
Firstly, Helen Anderson’s essay “Siblings in Cyberspace: Carey’s Ritual Model of Communication in the Digital Age” exemplifies the notion of contemporary media rituals in relation to Youtube. By a case study of the “vlogbrothers” John and Hank Green and their videos on Youtube, Anderson relates their video series “Brotherhood 2.0” to Carey’s ritual model of communication. By contrasting Carey’s ‘transmission model’ of communication where media is seen as a transmission of signals going back and forth, the ‘ritual model’ rather focuses on concepts surrounding ‘sharing’, ‘participation’ and ‘fellowship’ (Anderson, 2011, p.93). Thus, the ritual model resembles the Youtube culture and the project of “Brotherhood 2.0”. The “vlogbrothers” in the realisation that they were spending too much time using textual forms of communication such as texting, emails and instant messaging (which in itself has become ritualised) decided to “fight technology with technology” (Anderson, 2011, p.93). Thus, the brothers decided to go without textual communication for one year and instead, only commun...

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... with, English Wikipedia." New media & society 1461 (2014): 4448.

Csigó, P., eds. "EastBound vol. 2010 issue 1: Popular Culture and Citizenship.", “Broadening the Concept of Media Rituals: Tabloids as “Low Holidays of Television” (2010).

Maj, Anna, and Michal Derda-Nowakowski. "Ecosystem of Knowledge: Strategies, Rituals and Metaphors in Networked Communication." At the Interface/Probing the Boundaries 85 (2012)

From James Carey, Communication as Culture: Essays on Media and Society. Boston: Unwin Hyman, 1985; repr. London/New York, Routledge, 1992
Martin Irvine
Digital Events: Media Rituals in the Digital Age
By Lisa Lipscomb, September 3rd, 2012

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