The Current Refugee Crisis Of The European Union Essays

The Current Refugee Crisis Of The European Union Essays

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The United Nations made a conservative estimation that 850,000 refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and a number of other nations in Africa and the Middle East will have made their way to Europe by the end of 2016 . Secretary of State John Kerry has stated that the influx of refugee arrivals from countries such as Syria and Iraq could be tapered by ending the Syrian Civil War . However, steps need to be taken to mitigate the current refugee crisis facing the European Union (EU). The EU has hitherto been unable to find a rapid and succinct solution to the crisis due to porous Mediterranean borders and disagreement over policy solutions . Therefore, the United States (US) should offer its support by utilizing its expansive immigrant integration organizations to provide asylum to 100,000 refugees to provide humanitarian support and alleviate tensions between our European allies.
Exponential migrant arrivals testing the European Unions’ solidarity
Two policies have shaped the context for which the EU finds itself in this crisis: The Schengen and Dublin Agreements. Since 1985, 22 of 28 EU members, four non-EU members, and the majority of the European microstates have joined the Schengen area, which promotes increased transportation across participating members borders with little control or regulation . The Dublin Agreement requires European Union members to process migrants and asylum seekers in the place where they first arrive, typically Italy, Greece, and Hungary . The success of the first policy is based on trust between member states, which has since diminished and resulted in Austria, Slovakia, the Netherlands, and Germany temporarily reinstating border controls . Adherence to the Du...

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... humanitarian assistance to a displaced people and support our strongest ally.
The US should offer asylum to 100,000 refugees on the grounds of humanitarian aid and support for its ally. The influx of migrants is so vast and the lack of a tangible EU plan to manage the crisis threatens to destabilize America’s strongest ally and largest trading partner. Refugees should be selected based on skill set and considerations given their families, which will contribute to the total sum of 100,000. Integration of these asylum seekers will take place in numerous metropolitan areas throughout the United States. National, state, and local governments, in coordination with non-governmental and civil society organizations, will integrate and support these asylum seekers so that they may contribute to the local economy, offering them security and fiscal sustainability.

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