Essay on The Current Problem Of Child Poverty

Essay on The Current Problem Of Child Poverty

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An Analysis of the Current Problem of Child Poverty in Canada

Part A: An Analysis of Child Poverty in Canada

I. Summary Analysis

This social welfare analysis will define the current problem of child poverty as an increasing epidemic in the Canadian economy. A focus on the economic data provided by the Canadian government will define the increasing levels of poverty for children in comparison to other nations from around the world. This data defines the effects of economic disparity being focused on the younger members of the Canadian population, which reflects the continuing lack of economic support that is being provided for them. Historically, the rise of child poverty has arisen out of governmental policies that do not take into account the effects of the economic downturn and a lack of social welfare programs to raise them out of poverty. Currently, the increase in child poverty is directly related to lack of employment and economic opportunities for the adult population, which often results in children being subjected to living with poverty, hunger, and low-levels of education. These social conditions for impoverished children define the economic effects of poverty that continue to devolve this segment of the population. In many cases, children often take the brunt of poverty due to a lack of financial, educational and social resources to help them endure these devolving urban and rural environments. In essence, an analysis of the current problem of child poverty is a major social and economic issue in Canadian society.
The economic literature that defines the current problem of child poverty in Canada is based on recent findings of the Canadian government as a historical precedent occurring throughout the 1990s and int...

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...ty of Vancouver and its neighboring regions also define a rise in child poverty: “169,240 children were living below the poverty line in B.C. in 2012” (Sinclair, 2014, para.2). These statistics found by the government of British Columbia, reveal the steady risen of child poverty, which has since been maintained due to the economic policies of the federal government. These are the important micro, mezzo, and macro effects of urban, provincial, and global causes and effects of child poverty in Canada. These instances of child poverty define a sympathetic relationship between these varying levels of economics,, which provide a comprehensive problem in the current situation. Although child poverty rates slightly fluctuate in recent times, they are maintaining a steady increase in child poverty as part of a governmental and economic issue of social welfare in the 2010s.

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