Current Policy And Laws On Domestic Violence Essay examples

Current Policy And Laws On Domestic Violence Essay examples

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Current policy and laws on domestic violence
This essay is to question if current policy and laws are enough for the domestic and family violence that is commonplace today. The laws and policies regarding this issue have steadily grown since 1994, the violence committed within families, by partner’s spouse’s men and women with who you have an acquaintance is also slowly rising. “Domestic violence, is reaching epidemic proportions and affects men, women and children of all races and social and economic levels." ( The impact on families is tremendous because it may cause homelessness for women and children, or death in some cases. It tears families apart and disrupts the lives of the families on both sides of the male and female involved. Children that live with violence in the home are at greater risk to be abusers themselves later in life. The women, elderly and children are afraid to let anyone know this is happening. Many times the abuse is never reported. Before this law was passed partner rape was not even considered as rape because the woman was a willing companion if they were married or cohabitating.
The Federal Government passed VAWA (violence against women act) in 1994. ( This law was drafted by Senator Joe Biden’s office and it was supported by him. It was made because of the severity or as it has been called an epidemic of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and other abuses. The law was improved in the 2000 VAWA act and then reauthorized in VAWA 2005 and signed by President Obama. The VAWA was awarded 22 million dollars in 2015 and they are asking for 37 million dollars for the 2016 year although with inf...

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...mestic-violence The United States Department of Justice accessed 7/7/2015
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copyright © 2015 National Network to End Domestic Violence. All Rights Reserved.
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