The Current Overuse Of Antibiotics And Antimicrobial Agents Essay

The Current Overuse Of Antibiotics And Antimicrobial Agents Essay

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The beginning of the video summarized the main idea by explaining the current overuse and misuse of antibiotics and antimicrobial agents and how these affect bacteria and us.
First, the video explained that viruses and bacteria can both make us sick but they are different. Viruses and bacteria cannot both be treated with antibiotics. Viruses need a host cell, are smaller, and unable to be treated with use of antibiotics. Bacteria are larger, independent living, have generation time of 20-30 minutes, and unlike viruses, many play an important role in our environment.
The video then explained that when Alexander Fleming and other scientist first discovered Penicillium they were able to treat infection during a time when soldiers were fighting in WWII and changed the history of medicine leading Alexander Fleming and a couple other scientist to receive a Nobel Prize in 1945 for their work in advancing modern medicine. While the discovery was instrumental, it was quickly evident that bacteria had the ability to genetically adapt and become resistant to the antibiotics being produced.
After the video introduction and history accounts, the middle of the video explained the reasoning behind antibiotic resistance. The main points were inappropriate prescribing and inadequate compliance. By the 1990’s antibiotic resistance was on the rise and the CDC recognized the problem as a serious health threat and launched a campaign to educated Doctors and consumers in an effort to reduce antibiotic prescriptions.
The CDC realized that antimicrobial agents that were produced and used in hospital setting, where they are needed because of the high volume of infection and patients with low immune systems, were not being manufactured and mar...

... middle of paper ... buying and consuming. I believe that the organizations that are trying to fight against antibiotic resistance will continue to gain momentum but not until there are more superbugs and more people are effected or scared by the current climate of medical intervention on bacterial infections. I think as a society we know there are things all around us that impact our heath and we need to have a healthy balance on consumption of products that could potential have long lasting effects on our future.

Is it smarter for our government to fund immunization research and development rather than new antibiotics?
How can we change the current Doctor and patient relationship to promote prevention, and alternative treatment?
Could patients be provided with educational handouts when prescribed antibiotic medication in an effort to educate the public about risks?

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