The Current National Improvement Plan Essay

The Current National Improvement Plan Essay

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Like many of the Asian countries, Vietnam faces a plethora of challenges before bringing progressions to its health care sector. While definably a struggle for large portions of 3rd world countries, Vietnam has already taken some necessary steps towards improvement. Its Ministry of Health was commenced on a 5 year development strategy with the International Health Partnership (IHP+) group as a partner. The partnership with the IHP+ and the enhancement policy was scheduled to run concurrently from 2010 to 2015. The IHP+ accepted Vietnam for membership in April of 2010. Its current IHP+ agreement is piggy backed off its Ministry of Health’s Core Statement on Aid was released in 2009. Included in this statement was a joint venture with 8 civil society organizations and 15 development partners. The current national improvement plan was implemented in late 2010 after being reviewed by the Joint Assessment of National Health Strategies.
One of the key focuses for advancing Vietnam’s health care is the implementation of a national health care network. This network could be subcategorized into different health focus points for an overall national achievement. This network would especially be targeted with treatments or providing health care in rural areas. The MoH terms these areas as grass-roots and includes villages, rural mountainous regions, and isolated disadvantaged towns. These locations are extremely limited in a health care workforce and therefore lacking basic access to quality health care.
Governmental consolidation and increased financial allocation are strictly important. One of the target benchmarks is to have 80% of communities covered by a practicing physician by the year 2015. Additionally, 95% of all areas should also ha...

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...ital services might be beneficial. Establishing a referral system like an HMO may be one option. Reimbursement of health care services could be limited to provider direct referrals to a local hospital facility. This would reduce the number of impatient a hospital would treat that would otherwise be typically treated in outpatient services. Regulating hospital reimbursement models, financial mechanisms, and/or price policies may be another option for population control. Clinical care level and patient preference could be limited to government or private health insurance availability. By requiring larger co-pays for health amenities, an individual patient could purchase elsewhere. A third option could be shifting reimbursement from a single fee per service to a package service billing or to other modern economic reimbursement models, such as a diagnostic related group.

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