The Current Model Of Health Care Needs Teamwork And Needs Inter Professional Collaboration

The Current Model Of Health Care Needs Teamwork And Needs Inter Professional Collaboration

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The current model of Health care needs teamwork and needs Inter-professional Collaboration. Roles and the significance of each member of the team may be confusing and can cause lack of quality of care to the patient if conflict between each practice is not resolved. According to the Canadian Inter-professional Health Collaborative, inter-professional collaboration is a partnership between a team of health providers and a client in a participatory collaborative and coordinated approach to shared decision making around health and social issues’ (CIHC, 2010). D. Hopkins of WHO released on 2010 that Collaborative practice in health-care occurs when multiple health workers from different professional backgrounds provide comprehensive services by working with patients, their families, careers and communities to deliver the highest quality of care across settings

Inter-professional collaborative practice has been defined as a process, which includes communication and decision-making, enabling a synergistic influence of, grouped knowledge and skills (Kaperski, 2000). In this type of Health Care setting having an APRN to have Supervision or Plenary rights has been an issue. Supervision is where the APRN needs to be supervised and guided by the physician and described that it is where critically watching and directing activities or a course of action and is a mainstay of any hierarchical structure (Joel, 2013) while Plenary means the APRN is able to perform task independently that is within her scope of practice. Having these defined, Current status of Health care System wherein there is a Inter-professional practice described as two or more professionals begins to share responsibilities to the same patient population and needs to i...

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...g the Roles of each other and respect should be provided to each role. 3. If collaboration exist, Develop Consensus and ethical guidelines will be helpful. There are more rules/guidelines that needs to be implemented, but for me these are the basic that I am seeing that they are having conflict with. Working in a Team or in an Independent practice as long as rights and respect to the role will be given.

The concepts are not contradictory as long as all of the models are aiming for the same goal, which is to provide high quality of care to the patients. Weather it is collaboration or independent, one should know their limits and doesn’t risk the patient’s life. Respect and allowed independence to help the team member to grow is one of the key needed.

Everyone should be taught how to be a part of the team and how play each role including the physicians.

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