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The Current Laws Of Abortion Essays

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Looking at the current laws pertaining to abortion in the countries which have legalized it, we find they are diverse based on varying reasons, but all the abortion is performed in these counties is based on safe procedures. However, around forty-four million abortions occur each year in the world (Sedgh et al. 625). The safety of abortion and the post-abortion effects have been a great concern in society. Actually, the abortion is never safe; it is even more dangerous than childbirth. Although it can be easily accomplished by using medication or surgery, the physical complications, emotional side effects and social impacts are always come along with millions of women who have undergone abortion. Some of these side effects can be cured, but some may afflict them all their lives.
Physical complications
First, physical complications are the most direct effect caused by abortion. Over a hundred potential complications have been found accompanied by abortion, but three of them, cervical damage, sterility and death, are the last things people want. In order to perform an abortion, cervical dilation, which needs a great deal of force to stretch the cervix, is always required in any trimester and causes the perforation of the uterine wall and the cervix muscles. This damage can result in a permanent weakening of the cervix or even an incompetent cervix, which could cause miscarriage, premature birth or even sterility in the future. Furthermore, according to the World Health Organization, approximately twenty million unsafe abortions are performed every year all over the world and they mostly happen in developing countries or areas. These unsafe abortions result in 13% deaths of all maternal deaths (Shah and Ahman 1149). The public, speci...

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...y. As human being, people should restrain their behavior, and don’t give extra pressure to the society only for their own selfish interests.
Superficially, abortion can help to end the unwanted pregnancy; in the meantime, it can cause hundreds of inescapable side effects as well. On the whole, abortion is not a good choice for women. Although it has been legalized in some countries, and has been guaranteed safe by the clinics, it always hurt the aborted women and even their families and the society in different ways and varying degrees. People need to think prudently before making a decision on abortion, considering the probable consequences of this action, from physical and psychological side effects to the family and societal pressure. The community needs to give more care to aborted women and help them alleviate the pain caused by post-abortion effects.

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