Current Interventions And Programs For Children Essay examples

Current Interventions And Programs For Children Essay examples

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Current Interventions/Programs
There are many agencies, resources and websites available for children, who have been sexually abused. Greater Richmond S.C.A.N (Stop Child Abuse Now) is one agency that advocates for preventing child abuse. This agency offers many programs and resources for people in Richmond, Virginia. Their resources and affiliations extend all over the United States, in order to help abused children and help spread knowledge about this topic.
Greater Richmond SCAN was founded in 1991, in order to help prevent child abuse. This nonprofit agency has since grown and expanded. SCAN now provides multiple services and programs for the community. The programs include: The Child Advocacy Center (CAC), The Family Support Program, The Families Are Magic (FAM) Prevention Program, Richmond Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), and The Circle Preschool Program. All of these programs are dedicated to helping children and preventing abuse and trauma. Greater Richmond SCAN also provides resources and parental courses for caregivers.
The Child Advocacy Center helps investigate cases of child abuse and neglect by using techniques that can minimize further trauma. According to Tavkar, “Child Advocacy Centers (CACs) are increasingly being utilized as initial access sites for mental health services for sexual abuse victims, either through the provision of referrals to community agencies, or on-site care. As community-based programs designed to be child-friendly facilities, CACs approach child maltreatment as a multifaceted community problem. Child Advocacy Centers may be the optimal locations for immediate on-site services within a convenient, accessible, and familiar environment, as well as for prompt provision of referrals” ...

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... only in situations in which the offender is in a caretaking role for the child. The goal of CPS is to determine whether or not maltreatment has occurred and is likely to occur in the future and whether the child’s safety can be ensured in the home and the child’s protection within his or her home. If not ensured, the child may be removed and placed with a relative foster family or offender out the home. Intervention of the juvenile or family court is required to remove a child from the home” (p.1).
In conclusion, child sexual abuse is a vast topic that is rarely discussed. The perpetrators are rarely strangers and are commonly someone close to the child. Child sexual can affect families and the child, so prevention, knowledge, treatment or investigations is needed. It could help the child and family, as well as help them avoid becoming another statistic.

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