Essay about The Current Human Organ Donation System

Essay about The Current Human Organ Donation System

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The current human organ donation system is not what many hoped it could have been. The United States population is rapidly increasing and because of that the amount of people that become sick and need new organs rises exponentially. The system that society so dearly depends on is a system based on pure altruism, and because of this, the demand of organs outstrips the supply (Clark). The problem that arises from the current organ system is a simple supply-and-demand problem, due to the scarcity of the sacred resource, the demand for organs are extremely high and with the supply being so low, the chance of getting an organ are very slim. Everyday 17 individuals die while on the waiting list, that is one every 85 minutes. While that happens 115 new individuals are added to the waiting list. That is one every 13 minutes (Kishore). The relationship does not balance each other in order to reach equilibrium, thus a simple supply-and-demand problem is created. The average wait time for a kidney is 3 to 5 years in some areas of the East Coast, and some individuals could spend as much as 10 years waiting for a kidney (“Doctors Weigh”). The problem is serious towards the citizens in our society and around the world.
Many objections to the legalization of the sale of human organ stem from 3 sets of unrealistics beliefs: fear and urban myths, the threat of contaminated organs, and the ethics involved in the sale of human organs (Harris and Alcorn). Ethics is what drives the debate on the legalization of the sale of human organs. The moral ethics of man are based on what is good and bad, but everyone has different morals because morals are contextual, and are based on how you interpret and see them (Kishore). The many allegations against the ...

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... it. Many hospitals have admitted that they do not perform background checks on the “donors,” and they assume that they are relatives of the ill receiver (Marcovitz 77-78). Recently a New York native, Levy Izhak Rosenbaum, was found guilty on a federal level for illegally transplanting kidneys. This was the case that proved the existence of the black market in the United States. Although Rosenbaum states that his acts were based on kindness, he will go to prison, and according to him “the transplants were successful and the donors and recipients are now leading full and healthy lives” (Gregory). Nadley Hakim, a prominent transplant surgeon at St. Mary’s Hospital in London once stated that “this trade is going on anyway, why not have a controlled trade where if someone wants to donate a kidney for a particular price, that would be acceptable. If it is done safely, the

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