Current Housing Units For Homeless People Essay

Current Housing Units For Homeless People Essay

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The bill seeks to increase the that payment for veterans that are living in transitional housing that will become permanent to maximum of 150% of the rate of care at the domiciliary. For the VA to establish partnerships with public and private organizations to provide legal care. The bill also includes dental care, referrals and counseling provisions for specific veterans. “The bill also extends supportive assistance for veterans with very low-income (, 2015).”
The purpose of the bill is to offer more options for veterans that are experiencing homelessness outside of the Federal VA, by increasing the per diem payments. It also seeks to assist veterans with issues that are associated with homelessness, mental health, legal, and dental care: all of which are important issues that should be addressed within transitional housing units for homeless people. It also, “repeals the September 20,2013, sunset on authority of the VA and Department of Labor to carry out program of referral counseling for veterans who are at risk of homelessness and are transitioning from certain institutions, including penal institutions.” (, 2015; Sanders, 2013;, 2015)
4. Decide how you would like your legislator to vote
As the bill as written, I want my legislator to vote against it. I am far from an expert on this specific issue, but the cost of the dental care and legal services could be better used to increase funding for HUD-VASH, temporary housing grants, funding for more transitional housing units, security deposit assistance, grants for vehicles if the veteran lives in a rural area specifically, and hiring of social workers to assist veterans with finding resources within their communities. This is not to ...

... middle of paper ...

..., and counseling services. Increasing funding won’t increase competence by employees working within federally funded homeless programs.

6. If it is at a state level, you will contact your state legislators. If it is at a federal level, you will contact your federal legislators. How did you contact your legislator(s)? Options include: face-to-face meeting, letter, email, and phone call.
I wrote a letter to Mr. Menendez. I chose him, because I have contacted him in the past regarding the Clay Hunt Bill.

6. What was the process like for you?
I contacted my elective officials prior to attending Simmons and have felt comfortable doing so. That being said, I felt extremely uncomfortable contacting an official for the purpose of a grade.
7. Have you heard back? If so, what was the response of your legislator?
I have not heard back from him at this time.

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