Essay on Current Field Of Nursing And Look At Goals For Its Future

Essay on Current Field Of Nursing And Look At Goals For Its Future

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This paper will review the historic and current field of nursing and look at goals for its future. It will examine a vision document created in 2002 by a diverse group of nursing associations which outlines an ideal of what the future of nursing should look like as well as the areas that need to be focused on in order to achieve this ideal state. This document will also be used in the examination of the current nursing issue of bullying among nurses. To begin the author will discuss what nursing has looked like throughout history.
Then and Now
Today, nursing is regarded in a much different light than in years gone by. That is because the role of the nurse has changed but also because the world has changed and thereby so has its perception of nursing. According to Finkelmann and Keller (2013) wars, revolutions, religion, modernization, and education have played a part in the evolution of nursing. While the concept of nursing or taking care of the ill has always existed it has not always been seen as an occupation. In early times nursing was seen as something that women were meant to do and its practices were based on intuition, trial and error, and religious ideals. Today, nursing is a career that includes both men and women and its practices are based on scientific evidence. Another major difference is that today every nurse must be educated by an accredited nursing school and then earn and maintain a professional license (Finkelmann & Keller, 2013). Although the public image of nursing has improved, the way nurses think of and treat one another is an issue that faces nurses today. In an article published by American Nurse Today it was reported that bullying between coworkers is a frequent issue in the current nurs...

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...ghlight patient care as the center of the issue and illustrate how a bad working relationship between two nurses can be dangerous to the patient.
In summary, nursing has evolved throughout its history but like anything it cannot remain static and must continue its progression. Issues such as bullying must be overcome and work must be done to always keep the public properly informed about the field. Nurses must make their voices be heard and as a result must take on the responsibility of roles beyond direct patient care. Nurses must also use their skills in the realms of policy making, public awareness, and education and recruitment of future nurses. The Nursing’s Agenda for the Future is a resource which maps out goals for the future of nursing and supplies strategies for their achievement. It should serve as a reminder and a tool for all nurses.

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