The Current Drought Of Southern California Essay

The Current Drought Of Southern California Essay

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Southern California faces many environmental issues such as landslides, wildfires and population growth. The most critical issue however, is the current drought. The drought has been occurring for many years and is worse than it has ever been. The lack of precipitation is a contributing factor to the drought. The current water supply is not enough to support the ever growing population. Drastic measures need to be taken in order to fix this issue. Alerts have been sent out on the news to reduce water use. Also some neighborhoods have designed more drought tolerant landscaping. This is a small step in reducing water usage to help lessen the severity of the drought. Drought is something that is inevitable in hot dry desert climates however humans can handle these conditions through innovative conservation techniques.
Drought occurs when desert like conditions are complimented with minuscule rainfall. Through years of continued lack of precipitation reservoirs will continue to shrink which will effect all aspects of the environment. With worsening drought conditions agriculture will continue to suffer encouraging research into drought resistant crops. Another negative impact of the drought will be the reduction of available drinking water forcing water to be transported from other areas. Both of these issues will make it difficult to supply the expanding population with food and drinkable water.
Drought is a major environmental issue Riverside, California is facing today. Drought is apart of California’s climate however “... the three-year period between fall 2011 and fall 2014 was the driest since record keeping began in 1895.”(PPIC, 2014). High temperatures contribute to the severity of the drought. The water def...

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...shade balls approximately 300 million gallons of water will be conserved annually. The balls are coated with a chemical that blocks UV light from the sun. This is a huge amount that can be put towards fighting the drought. Each ball costs only 36 cents to produce and can last up to 25 years. When they need to be replaced the existing balls will be recycled (Wagner, 2015).
The best thing that comes from drought is that is promotes research to maneuvering through the devastating effects that a drought can produce. Assessing the damage created by the drought is the first step in researching the effects. Understanding how a drought effects agriculture will lead to new farming practices. Adapting new techniques is essential for human survival through a drought. Human ingenuity has played a vital part in conducting research to lessen the side effects of the drought

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