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The Current Census Of Metropolitan Areas Essay example

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I am measuring the the current census estimate of metropolitan areas population in the United States. Metropolitan Areas in the United States are classified by having 50,000 or more residents in an urban setting. According to the government website there are 413 metropolitan areas in the United States. I collected my sample from the U.S. census website by taking all the metropolitan areas and putting the names into a random list generator. I then took the first thirty names off the list and compiled an excel sheet with the corresponding names and population estimates for 2015. I divided the sample into two by separating the cities based on their location. One subgroup is the cities east of the Mississippi river and the other is cities west of the Mississippi river. I hypothesized that the mean for the population would be 250,000. I also hypothesized that the East would have a higher population than the West due to the fact it was colonized first and therefore has a longer history.
Sample Statistics
Standard Deviation
Whole Sample (people)

The mean of the whole sample is 675,132.6667 people, which is larger than my hypothesis of 250,000 people. Since the United States is such a large country and profitable it makes sense that it has a large mean for its metropolitan areas. However, the mean is greater than the median, this is due to outliers to the right of the data. These outliers may be due to the fact that some metropolitan areas in the United States are significantly larger because th...

... middle of paper ...

...evidence to reject that the two group’s means, east of the Mississippi river and west of the Mississippi river, are equal.
Overall this project was interesting to do, especially since it disproved my hypothesises. The most difficult thing to do was actually the histograms, since I had to find a number of intervals which best displayed the data. The sampling was not very difficult since the U.S. census is relatively organized. However it was difficult to get all of the names and amounts from the website to my excel file. The biggest surprise with this process was that there was insufficient evidence to disprove that the metropolitan area’s populations east of the Mississippi river equals the metropolitan area’s population west of the Mississippi river. I had thought that the East would have a larger population, but surprisingly the data didn’t support that.

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