Current Brand Elements : Steer Davies, An International Transportation Consulting Company

Current Brand Elements : Steer Davies, An International Transportation Consulting Company

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A) Current brand elements in use (with specific examples)
Steer Davies Gleave is an international transportation consulting company. The firm is built on comprehensive offering of transportation related consulting services. SDG has differentiated itself by offering services that are high in quality, utilize unique approaches, and employ top industry professionals as project leads.
The company has grown from a 3-person consultancy based primarily in London to a mid-sized international firm. Today, the company generally uses the full name in the logo as shown below. This logo includes the name of the 3 founders and has become relatively well-known in the UK.

While this logo has strong brand recognition in London, but is much less known in markets outside of the United Kingdom. The company’s marketing materials and websites take on a serious tone to promote the smart approach to consulting embraced to this date.
There is not much use of tag lines, jingles, or other versions of the logo. However, there is an effort to promote the concepts of “Independent” and “Employee Owned” in marketing documents. The website also identifies ten differentiation reasons for “why SDG?” that include: Global, Local, Quality, Trusted, Strategic, Build partnerships, Big picture, Independent, Innovative, and Personal.

B) Your suggestions for new and improved brand elements (with specific examples)
Steer Davies Gleave must really strive to build brand equity and capitalize on the points of differentiation in a crowded market. It is interesting to note that SDG is currently engaging in a branding strategy assessment. There are a number of concerns with current branding, which are discussed in the next section of this paper.
I suggest the company impleme...

... middle of paper ...

...ogo and branding is short, easy to say, and easier to remember than the full name that has been historically.
• Meaningful – The logo and shorter name stay true to the company’s founders and the long-time employees. It also offers more concise information regarding what the firm offers and the points of differentiation.
• Likable – The shorter name and brand elements are bold, yet pleasing.
• Transferable – This is a specific challenge that the company has with the current name as it is a “lot to get out” and does not translate internationally well. The shorter name, tag lines and logo are easier to use in other countries. Further, the brand elements do not limit the services, simply highlights why the firm is different.
• Adaptable – This can easily be modified to meet future goals and markets.
• Protectable – The logo is already trademarked and is not an issue.

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