Current Annual Operating Budget For Health Services At Beach View School District

Current Annual Operating Budget For Health Services At Beach View School District

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Current Annual Operating Budget
The current proposed operating budget for 2016-2017 health services at Beach View School District can be divided into three areas of expenses; personnel services, salaries and benefits, supplies, and purchased professional and technical services.
There are currently 2 certified school nurses for all three schools at BVSD. It is assumed that they each makes 60,000 salary and then additional 15,000 or 25% in benefits which would be a total of 75,000. Given there are two CSN that would put the personnel salary and benefit budget at 150,000. The 2016-2017 budget allotted for 243, 205 in funds for personnel salaries and funds. At the current time there are also 2 guidance counselors that work in the district which the budget may factor in under health personnel (“Charleroi Area School District,” 2016).
In regard to supplies, the second part of the current budget, the school has allotted 2,200 to provide basic supplies that are needed and required throughout the school year to provide kids the necessary medical care while they are at the school.
The last part of the budget is given to purchased health professional & technical services and products in which the school allotted 50,600. This part of the budget would consist of the cost of any health programs ongoing and new. The Impact Concussion Management program is currently one of the new programs that the district is looking into getting in order to better manage student’s injuries.
Compared to the prior year (2015-2016) budget of 246,000 for total health expenditure the 2016-2017 proposed budget is 298,600 which is an increase by 52,700 (“Charleroi Area School District,” 2016). This proposed increase is in line with hiring additional nursing staf...

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... program offerings, and student attendance rates.
Assessment of the practicality of the concussion plan will be demonstrated through timeliness of concussion diagnosis and treatment, outcomes of students that encounter concussions, and appropriately timed returns to classrooms.
Health services, depending on the needs and preference of the community, may include
services for students with disabilities and special health care needs and the traditional
first aid, medication administration, and screening services. Developing the Ideal School Health Plan involves careful consideration of the needs of the school district and reviewing the budget to see if plan is accessible. By adding a school nurse and developing a scientifically sounds concussion program, the Beach View School District would have a very comprehensive health program for the students and staff.

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