The Current American Education System Essay

The Current American Education System Essay

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For many reasons, the current American education system needs to be reformed. The curriculum between high schools is uneven and therefore unfair. Curriculums need to be even for all high schoolers so they have the chance to create any kind of life for themselves that they would like. Students have too little time and too much pressure put on them when making choices about post-secondary education. College is too big of a decision to be made hastily, yet that is what most American students are doing. Teachers are woefully undervalued. Even though educators play an essential role in modern society, they are looked down on by most professionals.
Keywords: educational inequality, college preparatory, post-secondary

The Issues of the American Education System
“Think about every problem, every challenge, we face. The solution to each starts with education.” George H. W. Bush said this when addressing the nation in 1991, and it still holds true today. Education is an essential part of any society which is why the current state of the American education system is alarming. Many issues exist in the present system that need to be dealt with immediately.
American students are receiving the lowest level of education that they have in a very long time. It is common knowledge that national test scores have fallen in comparison to other countries, however, very little is being done to solve this problem. Many say that America’s education system is as good as it can be or that it would take massive amounts of money, training, and legislation to effectively adjust education. These statements are short-sighted and fueled by laziness. Yes, it would be a very serious undertaking, but it needs to be done. The American education s...

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...student right away. It is an unpleasant thing to think about, but it is also something that has to be done. Thankfully, teachers are willing to do it even as their wages have declined (Mishel, 2012). Teachers play an essential role in education and in their students’ lives and should be held to a higher esteem.

The American education system is in desperate need of reform. Many problems exist throughout the entire system, but a few exist that need to be dealt with immediately. Curriculums need to be even in all schools, students need a better way to handle deciding their future, and more respect needs to be given to America’s educators. Yes, it may take a national overhaul, but it needs to be done. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “an investment in knowledge makes the best interest.” Education is an investment that America desperately needs to start making.

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The Current American Education System Essay

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