Curiosity Is Part Of Human Nature Essay example

Curiosity Is Part Of Human Nature Essay example

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Curiosity is part of human nature. The urge to know and to discover one’s purpose and identity is what drives most of us to wake up the very next day. This curiosity dates back to Adam and Eve’s fall from the Garden of Eden when they ate of the fruit of good and evil. Although there is no way for a creation to fully understand its creator nor can individuals believe they are the almighty and therefore create their own religious pathway.
After surveying over all the religions this course encompasses, it reveals much controversy because people stand divided instead of in unity. The root of this division is their beliefs, it’s their religion. (Yes, there may be unity within a religion, but it causes separation to those outside it.) It is interesting to view how people just tear each other down in order to prove themselves and their beliefs. However, how could a flawed human know that what they believe in is right. Who truly knows the truth? All these religions are full of flaws in order for people to understand it, but there is one thing consistent between most religions and that is there is a God, a creator, a Savior. The God who rules the world and us has many names. But He is out there.
In fact, there is no way I could make a religion that would be any different from the ones people dreamt up already. There would be many parallels to other religions as many of the current religions have. But interestingly enough, there should be that sense of unity. That oneness with people and the world.
To begin, when I was born, I was baptized Catholic but as I grew older I chose to become a Christian. This religion I am a part of is not like the others for the fact that it is a relationship and that my God did not meet me halfway nor did I ha...

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... parables, and the scripture is what cannot be rewritten as another religion and further divide our communities. This world has enough brokenness and pain from the very instance the Devil became its king. Yet, we may be in enemy territory, but our God is fighting daily for our lives to be saved. As well as, I refuse to bring more separation, rather I strive for unity and not the type to please others, but for each and everyone to embrace their talents. I believe in people accepting who they are and to desire to fulfill their God given potential. This world will continue to crumble away because of disunity. We all have to set our options aside because it is all based on knowledge that was influenced and created by humans. It is flawed. But what we all know is that everyone is entirely unique without a copy, and that in itself is a miracle that only a God could provide.

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