Curiosity Between Males And Females Essay

Curiosity Between Males And Females Essay

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Humans are curious creatures who may very well feel the urge to disregard exact orders. This drive is often encouraged by feelings of boredom or often because we cannot limit ourselves to more knowledge. The objective of this study was to observe curiosity between males and females. We evaluated female “peekers” against male “peekers” and female “non-peekers” against male “non-peekers.” A box visible enough to get attention from participants was decorated, a hole was cut on the top and a sign was taped to the front that read, “Do not peek.” A peeker was considered someone who disobeyed the sign and looked directly inside and non peekers were individuals who recognized the sign and followed its instruction. We hypothesized that females would be more likely to ignore the command and peek inside the box to satisfy their curiosity. After running a t-test, we concluded that there was a statistically significant difference between female peekers and male peekers and equally for male non-peekers and female non-peekers.
Keywords: curiosity, gender, commands, obey

Peekers versus Non-Peekers: Who are more curious, males or females?
The first talks on curiosity preexisted before the development of psychology where the subject was in the interests of philosophers and religious scholars. Cicero suggested that curiosity was an essential joy for learning and understanding while St. Augustine defined it as a futile hunger for knowledge (Lowenstein, 1994). During the 1960’s, after the field of psychology was launched so was contemporary research on curiosity. D.E Berlyne was an important founder of the concept and study on “exploratory behavior.” He proposed that curiosity is our need to obtain new information and a physical understan...

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...ger children will be more curious and regularly interested in their surroundings than older students. To her surprise, nobody displayed any signs of curiosity regardless of the activity taken place. There was barely any assessment of new objects and little to no eye movement focused on the environment. Engel believed this is heavily due to that fact that teacher’s implement a strict schedule for students with distinct objectives. Their entire day is prearranged from beginning to end, allowing very limited independent time and free access to fun materials (Engel, 2006). Our current study took place in New York City, a very busy metropolitan. People here live by a very strict regimen with clear goals for the day and have no room for distractions. They are used to being orderly and are always on the move leaving them short of time to explore readily and manipulatively.

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