Curfew Enforcement Has A Part Of Routine Enforcement Essay

Curfew Enforcement Has A Part Of Routine Enforcement Essay

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According to a 1997 survey conducted by the U.S. Conference of Mayors, “[A curfew] provides officers an opportunity to intervene with potential issues before problems develop. Periodic sweeps remind the public about the law officer. Curfew enforcement has, in large part, become a part of routine enforcement” (US Conference of Mayors). Most adolescents do not see a logical point in having a curfew, but they don’t always realize that parents and other adults only want what is best for them. Curfews allow for parents to keep an eye on their children, keeping them safe and away from harmful situations. It is important to inform others, adults and teenagers alike, of the advantages of a curfew, in order to allow everyone to take better care of themselves and other loved ones. In the end, curfews are one of the best ways to help keep everyone safe, and by implementing them, they will help teenagers perform better in school, receive additional sleep, and keep them from becoming influenced or addicted to drugs and alcohol, which will ultimately lead to a better life in the future.
Sarah had always enjoyed going out and spending time with her friends; but ever since the city council had issued a mandatory curfew over the teenagers in Battery City, she could no longer have all the fun she wanted. Sarah knew the council was only looking out for her and her peers’ best interests and safety, but she still did not enjoy the restriction. She wanted to be young and spend her teenage nights doing what she wanted. On the other hand, Sarah could instead use her time to start on work that wasn’t due until next week or instead study for upcoming tests. Sarah knew if she couldn’t do what she wanted, she could at least do what she needed to. Now that s...

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...ol in the process. As well as helping them in school, curfews will also give adolescents the necessary time needed to get enough hours of sleep to function properly. They will also keep teenagers from getting involved in drugs and alcohol, which could ruin their health if they decide to use these substances. If curfews are able to do all of this and more, then parents should be jumping on the bandwagon and supporting them in order to protect their children from harm. No parent would want to see their children hurt and know they could have done something to prevent it from happening, at least not any responsible parent who cares about their family. To this day, curfews have not been widely accepted, but perhaps in the future, this may change and more parents and other adults will be persuaded to consider the advantages that curfews will bring once brought into action.

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