Essay about Curbing Air Pollution Plan in China

Essay about Curbing Air Pollution Plan in China

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Analyze for Curbing Air Pollution Plan in China
Within the recent thirty years, China made a big progress in the economics. However, with the exponentially increasing economy, the pollution has emerged silently. With the surging pollution appearing these years, more and more reports indicates that the air pollution in China puts the health of the public in a dangerous position. Within all the pollution, the air pollution is the one that the public worry about the most. And in addition to that, several severe air pollution has been observed within recent years and increased the concern of the public. Therefore, the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People's Republic of China made a plan to curb the air pollution in China, trying to prevent the air quality from being deteriorated and to reduce the air pollution level which was in a high level, including the restriction on coal usage, the limitation of high emission vehicles and the relocation of the urban factories. This article is written to analyze the Curbing Air Pollution Plan and to describe, critique and improve the three solutions mentioned above specifically.
Restriction on Coal Usage
The first solution to solve the air pollution problem that suggested in the plan is that to set some limits on burning coal and also petrol. (Wong, 2013) Specifically, the plan is to let the province to set up their own goals and to proceed the individual plan for each province. Therefore, the plan is made to be alternative and does not contain many details but from the statement made in the plan, the Chinese government treats the plan seriously instead of putting it as a side issue.
The first solution is reasonable since as supported in the data, the coal contributes to 42% of the ...

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