Cummins: A Company with Emission Solutions and Innovation Essay

Cummins: A Company with Emission Solutions and Innovation Essay

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Cummins has a history of innovation beginning in 1919 when it was founded and produced its first diesel engine, a 1.5 to 8 horsepower model used to power pumps. In 1929, a Cummins engine powered the first diesel-powered U.S car. The company continued to advance in the diesel engine and power generation industry, and in 1958 Cummins Filtration was started to meet the high-performance requirements of Cummins diesel engines (Cummins Inc.). In 1985, Cummins introduced aerodynamic contours to Class 8 trucks years ahead of its time. This new shape greatly reduced air flow drag and, combined with a lightweight engine, attained up to 20 percent higher fuel efficiency than similar vehicles at the time. In 1999, Beijing Public Transit launched a fleet of 300 buses with Cummins B5.9 engines to improve city air quality, being the first clean, alternative fuel fleet in Asia and remains the largest in the world, with more than 3500 Cummins Westport natural gas powered buses (Cummins Inc.). These are just a few examples demonstrating a history marked by improvement and innovation of new technologies in order to reduce emissions and increase efficiencies for the benefit of the environment.
Driven in large part by global initiatives and the potential for stringent regulations, the past decade or two has seen a marked increase in the importance of improvements with respect to environmental standards, including emissions and increases in fuel economy. In 2002, Cummins Emissions Solutions was launched after the need was identified for an emission solution that would help engines meet future regulations. In 2006, Cummins pioneered a hybrid diesel-electric bus which reduced fuel consumption and greenhouse gasses by more than 30 percent and me...

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