Essay about Cultures of the United States and China

Essay about Cultures of the United States and China

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I chose the United States and China as my two countries to study. I will start off the Psychological anthropology study of Chinese people. I will discuss their customs and beliefs from childhood to adulthood. I will then discuss the study of Americans and their customs and beliefs. I will discuss both Chinese and American traditions and the varies life cycles of both cultures. I will do this view from both the male and female aspects. I will then summarize in conclusion the differences and likes of the two groups.

Chinese people take a woman’s pregnancy very personal and of high importance.

They say that pregnancy is their way of keeping a continuous bloodstream running within their family. They say a pregnant woman is with “Happiness” and family members will make sure that she is taken care of and the fetus is taken care with the upmost care. Breeding is supported in their customary practices. When the baby is born the mother is required to “zuoyuezi” or stay in the bed for a month to recover. She has to stay indoors because it is believed that cold, wind, or dirty air will exert bad effects on her later in life. They believe the name of the newborn will determine the future of the child. Traditionally there are two parts of the name. The last name has to be a character showing the generation order of the family given from the forefathers who chose them from a poem. This is to show relations between families. The baby’s 30th day of life is its first important celebration. Sacrifices are offered to the gods so they will protect the child. Children in China go to school just like Americans do. Depending on the parents and the sex of the child (if a boy child) the boy will gain his identity and personality from his...

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...fe but still in some ways they are the same. We love our families the same, we work hard the same, and we die the same. If you look real hard there are more ways that we are the same. We are also different in the way of how our countries are run and how much money people make in each country. Our beliefs are some different and our language is different. It is sad to see countries that are Communist run but we have never lived in that type of atmosphere to say how bad it actually is. I have to say that our children come out the same in most part. They go to school, then to college, then on to work, marry, and to have children, grow old, and then start all over again with the next generation in the same.

References Ye Qinfa (2007), Chinese Cultures Births and The Elderly. American Cultures and Traditions

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