The Culture Within Policing Agencies Essay

The Culture Within Policing Agencies Essay

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Culture is found in all aspects of life as it creates unity amongst its members, allowing foundations to be built. Without any form of culture, cohesion and structures are not present, resulting in an inability to connect and share the same beliefs. This is similar in organizations as the views, values, and beliefs of that organization creates a community and sense of culture found between its members. This is can be greatly seen when examining the criminal justice system, and in particular, policing organizations. The culture within policing agencies varies but generally encompasses the characteristics, values, and beliefs of integrity, being public servants, due process, and justice for all. These different characteristics are present in many policing organizations and instill a form of culture, which connects individuals together; however, differing views known as subculture can linger within organizations. Subculture is when groups form, and have opposing values and norms from that of the majority culture (, 2016). From reviewing the film Training Day (2001), the subculture themes of not telling people more than needed, protecting oneself, not trusting the new guy, and noble cause are identified.
Don’t Tell Anybody More Than They Need to Know
The first subculture theme identified was the belief individuals should not tell fellow officers more information then they need to know (Pollock, 2015). This theme was displayed consistently throughout the film as Detective Alonzo rarely relayed information to his new training partner Jake. For instance, when an arrest warrant was obtained, Alonzo did not inform Jake that is was Roger, the same guy they had met before, or that the real intentions were to steal his money (Traini...

... middle of paper ... is similar in police organizations as subcultures form, which goes against the typical characteristics, values, and beliefs of integrity, being public servants, due process, and justice for all. From analyzing the film Training day (2001) a multitude of police subcultures were identified, such as not telling people more than needed, protecting oneself, not trusting the new guy, and noble cause. These themes negatively influenced individuals into contradicting their ethical standards, as well as those found within police organizations. Furthermore, subcultures can produce ethical dilemmas encompassing all individuals within the organization, creating immense stressors and an us vs them mentality. Proper moral and ethical safeguards need to be put into place, so officers can uphold their moral and ethical standing, instead of conforming to the subculture that exists.

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