Culture 's Influence On People 's Behaviors Essay

Culture 's Influence On People 's Behaviors Essay

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Culture plays a significant role in shaping people’s behaviors. Humans start to expose to culture the day they are born and they learn cultural values through their everyday life interacting with the people and environments around them. The cultural values often help us in guiding our behaviors and provide us a context in helping us identify the proper way of responding to various situations. Culture can help to determine human behaviors because culture can influence individuals’ psychological processes, development of self, and motivation. However, individual differences should also be examined in determining people’s behaviors.
Humans’ behaviors are often guided by their culture because culture can influence their psychological processes. For example, according to Muler-Lyer illusion, “people who were exposed to carpentered corners in their childhood life” showed an illusion effect of perceiving one line longer than the other, whereas people who “were not exposed to carpentered corners during their childhood” do not have the illusions, which they viewed two lines as equal in length (as cited in Heine, 2010, p. 659). According to Heine (2010), “being exposed to carpentered corers in the early years of life organizes the visual system…this illusion develops as a function of the environmental input of a carpentered world” (p. 658). The Muler-Lyer illusion experiment showed that culture or environments can help shape our minds and it can affect how people perceive things differently. Understanding how culture influences our most basic fundamental psychological processes can help better predict someone’s behaviors in response to different situations.
Culture can also shape individuals’ development of self, which also influence t...

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...dividual differences such as personality can also influence one’s behaviors. However, Hofstede and McCrae (2004) found a correlation between personality and cultural values (as cited in Smith et al., 2014). The authors stated that “personalities do not fit well may also be likely to emigrate or to reproduce less with local partners”; therefore cultures keep “evolving to accommodate their genetic predisposition” (Smith et al., 2014, p. 123). Personality can be shaped by cultures or the environments and people are “socialized to express their personality in culturally appropriate ways” (Smith et al., 2014, p. 123). People with low agreeableness in a collectivistic culture might not be able to function well because the culture value emphasizes on maintain social harmony; therefore, they are more likely to move to an environments where their personality might fit better.

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