The Culture of Weaving Across the World Essay

The Culture of Weaving Across the World Essay

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Weaving Across the World
Weaving is a common thread among cultures around the world. Weaving is a way of producing cloth or textile. Today we have machines that weave large-scale textiles at cheap prices. Production of cloth by hand is rarely engaged in today’s Westernized societies. Not many people are thinking about how the fibers are actually constructed to make their clothes. However, in other cultures across the world the tradition of weaving still exists. By comparing three cultures that continue weaving as a part of their tradition we can see similarities and the differences between them. The reasons that each culture still weaves vary, as do the methods and materials. The desired characteristics of the cloth also vary around the world as each culture values different aesthetics.
Weaving is a skill that is considered valuable in many cultures. The people in Mexico, Indonesia, and Ghana each come from a tradition of weaving. The tradition of weaving has been passed down through many generations. There are similarities and differences that arise when comparing how each of these cultures weaves. Mainly the devices that they use to weave on vary, who is allowed to weave, and whom they are weaving for differs in each culture. The rules and standard of each culture ultimately determine how that culture goes about the process of weaving.
There are many cultures that weave in Mexico. Maynard, Greenfield, & Childs (1999) explain that it is traditional in Mexico for women from Zinacantan culture to be excellent weavers. In fact, a woman who can weave well is supposed to make a good wife (Maynard et al., 1999). Overall, men do not participate in any form of Zinacatan weaving (Maynard et al., 1999). It is standard for the Zinacatan w...

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