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The Culture Of The Sporting Culture Essays

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For some people, the culture of the sporting world is less than thrilling. For others, it is a way of life. People who value sports and the culture that comes with it have walked through a progressive field of highs and lows. Sports have gone through a whirl wind of transitions from rules and regulations to local and global inclusivity. Apparel for players as well as spectators have evolved substantially to allow for a more personable experience for all involved. One aspect of the sporting culture has risen above the rest in terms of its impact on players and fans alike. The media has evolved so much in the sporting culture that is has allowed fans and players unthinkable access to the lifestyles and temperaments of the leagues. While this access was improved to gain a broader audience for the respective sporting industry, it has, indeed, proved to fail the players more often than not. Players prior to the improved media involvement were able to behave however without taking responsibility of his or her actions. Today, media can exploit can move a player makes and either tarnish or enhance a players’ reputation in the eyes of fans, leagues, and the world.
Major media evolution can be seen in the National Football League (NFL). This is the case because the media must track players from high school until they arrive in the final stage of the NFL. By logic, one would think that players would recognize this progressive limelight and respect the responsibility thrust upon them. With the professional football league, it is easy to forget that a lot of these players are really young men still trying to figure out who they are and sometimes who they are besides just football players. The media thrives off of the tendencies of spectators ...

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...upcoming game and when he gets the chance to explain himself. Questions pertaining to the upcoming game gave Beckham the chance to talk more about his career, something that he loves to do. When Beckham is given the chance to explain himself and his actions, the communication between him and the media is more personable. The negative questions are defined by blameworthy questions. Here blameworthy questions are those that the media assign a wrong to Beckham or other teams. These questions can also be assumed as leading questions because the media wants to coax Beckham into assigning blame as well. It should be noted that the first question and response was observed as negative, but I did not include it in the findings. My reasoning is that the first interaction was more of an introduction for both Beckham and the media to get a feel for how this interview would go.

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