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The Culture Of The Sixties Essay

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Ashlyn Smithey
7th Grade English
Mrs. King
January 20,2016
The Culture in the Sixties
Candelly states “Music has always kept company with Americans Wars.” People use them to keep spirits high during the dark hours. In addition to the music, the history,and religion also had an important impact on the sixties culture.
Do you know about music in the sixties? There are many reasons to have music during wars. For an example Gliderman says, “Music has always kept company with wars Americans.”During the Revolution war,“Yankee Doodle”and many other songs set the dancers to sing along with the people that sung the song during the dark hours.For World War One“God Bless America”was played to keep spirits high. Some other songs during the Vietnam War were “Blowing in the Wind”and“Monsters of War.” Here is some information about the song called“Blowin in the Wind”By Bob Dylan.Dylan wanted to write a song in 1963. This song is not a protest song he said,but some of his songs he writes are protest songs. The intent of the song was enough is enough or stop the war.This song may have been written to open people 's eyes. This message is to people that are fighting for us.Also it is for the people that are dying for the Americans.The message was especially to the Americans,government,president.For an example, Gilderlehrman states,“ That Music has always kept company with Americans war.”The reason music has always kept company with American wars because it keeps spirits high during the dark hours.The song called“God on Our Side” is a song Dylan followed in 1963.A song called“Fortunate Son” was written in 1969. Here are some of the protest songs are “Unknown Soldier”.Here are some songs that wasn’t protest songs“Fortunate Son”.“Bob Dylan hopes the ...

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In addition to the music, the history,and religion also had an important impact on the 60s culture. For an example,History.coms staff states,“The beginning in the 1960s, more Americans trust they were still standing there at the daybreak of golden age.”Reading more about its significance can help learn more about the culture of the sixties.

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