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The Culture Of The Island Essay

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Shaquan Lewis comes from the Virgin Islands the culture of his Island is a hard working but festive. The culture of the island is based off the working class which is basically the whole is land, they work hard all year as an Island to uplift the islands economy and at the end of every cycle they have festivity called carnival, for one week out of the year. This festivity is for the island; the whole island shuts down so they can celebrate another year of hard work. During the week of festivity the people of the Island doesn’t try to make money off of each other mostly everything is free. Shaq culture is different from America culture because America has lost the meaning of freedom, Good Vibes, and relaxation. The culture of America is more about how to get rich as an individual, I believe this is because we are much more larger. We do not have this like carnival where the whole country comes together at once to celebrate our upcoming; I believe this is because as a country we never really have been in slaved, like we have enslaved other like the VI. During the holidays we still try to profit off of each other, as a nation. One of the biggest cultural differences is that the people of the islands are way more friendly and social than the people of the states.
There are no big differences in the cultural education, both America and the VI uses the conmen core based standard to regulate their education systems. America has a lot more schools, the VI only have two public high schools and One University. The fact that the school system is so small in the VI they do not face the same problem in America, for example no child left behind. Students in the Vi look forward to going to school there are no laws that say all students hav...

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...ts in the class through other culture. What I mean by this is if I’m teaching a sport like soccer, I will also teach them about the passion in festivity that other countries have for this sport like Spain. I would also implement an Olympic theme in my physical education call where students will have to pick a country and compete as that country, and everyday when coming to class students will have to tell me one educational fact about the culture of that country. Relating back to my interview Shaq was very offended that a lot of people didn’t know that the Virgin Islands was a part of America and actually had a lot to do with American history. If we can make students of tomorrow more open-minded and accepting to all thing I feel we can eliminate the negativity of the division/ different in race; turning the differences into a positive learning experience for all.

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