Essay about The Culture Of The Automobile And Its Effect On Our Lives

Essay about The Culture Of The Automobile And Its Effect On Our Lives

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Devin Meadow was a 15 year old sophomore at Metea Valley High School where he participated in football, track, and basketball. He was a bright prospect according to newspapers all around the county; they even predicted that he would help take the Mustangs to their first play-off run. However, instead of being the bright star everyone had hoped, he ended up dead in the backseat of a Chevy Malibu. Meadow was riding along with his friends on an October night when the driver of the car lost control, jumped a curb, and slammed into a garage. He was pronounced dead on the scene amongst his closest friends and family. Stories like these are all too common in America since there are minor and major accidents every day due to mechanical machines that we take for granted. It’s important that motorists understand that the vehicles we cherish come with high costs as illustrated by the book Carjacked: The Culture of the Automobile and Its Effect on Our Lives. However, the authors, anthropologist Catherine Lutz and marketer/ investment banker Anne Lutz Fernandez, seem to have documented how automobiles affect lives of people who already dislike and fear vehicles, rather than those who appreciate and use them most. Even the authors admit that the automobile is here to stay, which makes the reader re-examine the sole purpose of the essay. Therefore, the Lutz’s sisters should have oriented their book on people who do love, appreciate, and regularly use automobiles because they are the ones that truly need to understand the economic, environmental, and social impacts of their own gearhead actions.
Americans tend to view cars as forms of self-expression; this notion causes consumers to purchase automobiles instantly rather than rationally. While o...

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...o protect the driver are also hindering them by making families think that they are safer in bigger and faster cars. Once motorist understand these principals then they will be able to adopt and create a safer road environment.
As much as Americans love cars, Carjacked makes a strong argument convincing the gear-headed nation that our automobile system needs to radically change its economic, environmental, and social aspects revolving around the car. Nevertheless, this book is loaded with perspectives that car enthusiasts usually avoid, and unfortunately the Lutz’s sisters validate this argument by blaming the recent downfall of human nature with it unnatural obsession over cars. However, as discussed before, cars will forever be a part of man’s world culture, but learning to adapt and use automobiles to our advantage will help create a successful future society.

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