The Culture Of Patriarchal And Gender Equality Essay

The Culture Of Patriarchal And Gender Equality Essay

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the culture of patriarchal and gender equality stereotypes. Often the freedom of women was seen as freedom from marital bonds. It can be noted that already in the second half of the 19th century, the idea of the liberation of women by labour was generally supported by society. But there was a problem - women did not have sufficient skills for work. Thus, an urgent need was created for women to receive a special education. The women’s movement for emancipation in the nineteenth century was dedicated to the fight for higher education.

Criticising the family and marriage and the lack of any alternative, the first feminists laid the basis for the transformation of female attitudes and awareness in the world. Gradually attempts began to transform the traditional gender stereotypes from patriarchal to gender equality. The emergence of feminism was legitimate due to social and economic changes and changes associated with the growth of female attempts to determine their place in a changing world. Under the influence of the ideas of feminism the concept emerged of "sex/gender" having a place in society and affecting production and culture as a whole.

Gender as a distinction in cultural assessments structured the public consciousness in a way that raises androcentrism and sexism (Chodorow, 1999). Gender as a politico-economic distinction structured division of labour in such way that it leads to the exploitation and deprivation of women. In reality the economic, political and cultural injustice are not separated clearly from one another, rather they interact and reinforce each other,

In summary, it can be said that feminism as a cultural phenomenon reflects the specifics of the culture as well as the existence in minds of traditional s...

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... rules. The internal conflict is caused by the difficulty of choosing between two significant spheres of life: professional and meaningful relationships that can be seen as mutually exclusive for women. It is suggested that the majority of women seek to solve the balance conflict, by orientating toward the rejection of career development, professional success and achievements.

The representation of women in "male" professional spheres in European cultural tradition is characterised by the predominance of the images that are neither specifically feminine nor masculine. The main emphasis is on professional qualifications and not on gender belonging. The woman is visually established as equal to the man. It can be stated that European society is developing in the direction of the formation of equal rights culture, regardless of social, economic, or other distinctions.

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