The Culture Of Norway During The 1800s Essay

The Culture Of Norway During The 1800s Essay

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When thinking about one specific culture, there are many aspects that tie into its daily life. Norway, in the 1800s, had a unique way of showing the culture of the land by how people lived their day lives. Back then, some important parts of the culture of Norway included house chores, meals, and child care. The day-to-day activities of Norway in the nineteenth century helps further the understanding of its culture. Daily activities included how people dressed, shopped, socialized, celebrated a holiday, and what they ate. As the turn of the century approached, many things started to change in Norway that affected how people lived their lives, and how society was ran.
Culture in Norway during the 1800s, varies from how the culture of today is. Back then the house chores and child care were typically done by the woman of the house or for the wealthier, hired maids: “The mother would only take care of the children, clean the house, cook, and would do what the man would ask her to do” (Ruiz 2015). Women in that time period had no rights, and had to follow orders from their husbands. One...

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