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Culture of Japan Essay

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Culture of Japan

The Japanese have been around for many years. They are a very distict population where their culture influences many aspects of our lives. A brief history of Japan will enlighten the many ideas and topics in which explains how and why these ideas play a role in their culture. Shinto is the older animist religion of traditional Japan. However, Japans’ religious status is Buddhism. This faith has been sacred for just litte over twelve hundred years. These two religions have intertwined and influenced each other and Japanese culture. The two religions are very common, you would be able to find both of these religions easily. Over the centuries the capital of the Japan has been shifted around. The capital city has moved from Nara to Kyoto and now Tokyo. Japan has also seen many political structurs.
In addition, as old as the country is their language follows right along, Japanese language is spoken in Japan, and essentially nowhere else. The written form of Japanese language characters are from the Chinese and Korean, however Japanese language is distinct from ...

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