The Culture Of Ireland And Found The Following Information Essay

The Culture Of Ireland And Found The Following Information Essay

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“Cultural relativism asserts that what is right is relative to the individual culture. In some cultures, things that are considered “right” in the United States are considered “wrong,” and some “wrong” things are considered “right” abroad” (ITT-Technical Institute, 2014). I selected the culture of Ireland and found the following information:
Roman Catholicism is practiced by most citizens, however, approximately 1.9% practice Christianity. Gaelic is the traditional voice, which is in the Indo-European language family. Due to modernization, immigration, and global connections, Gaelic is only spoken in smaller populations while English, Asian, and some Spanish is taking precedence over tradition.
Like any other society, mannerisms and etiquette have two main separations. They are known as personal and business etiquettes. For personal etiquette, friends and family are greeting with a hug or handshake and possibly a kiss on the cheek. For gift giving, a personal approach over cost is a better choice. When invited to dine at someone’s home, take a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine for the host (hostess). When dining, the fork is in the left hand, and the knife remains in the left. Please, no elbows on the table, but let me see your hands, as they should not be in your lap unless you are pubbing. When enjoying time in a pub, it is polite to cease most conversation when the band plays, but toasting the band is welcomed.

It is as improper to ask if someone has seen a leprechaun as it is to refuse a drink. No one in Ireland has seen a leprechaun, so never ask that question. Also, if someone offers you a drink, even if you do not drink alcohol, accept it with a grin and a thanks. To refuse is t...

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...g as you visit home as often as possible, all goes.
My overall impression of the Irish culture is that I feel right at home among all members of quaint little towns and villages in Ireland. I was able to be part of many side conversations and loved listening to the bands at all of the pubs we visited. This culture is very similar to that of the mass of Americanisms were everyone is expected to do their best, seek a sturdy future, bring along the family, yet still prove being your own person is at the heart of all they do.
I would not have to change very much of my behavior or ethics if I were a part of the Irish culture. I believe in taking my time to get it done right the first time, working hard for what I have, loving my family and friends, having my own personal beliefs, and enjoying life for every day I have been blessed to be a part of.

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