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The Culture Of Cover Up Essay

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The Culture of Cover-Up
The culture of cover-up has integrated itself vastly into the healthcare system and has become a pandemic. According to Gibson and Singh (2003), currently in the United States, there are no easily accessible and effective systems in place to keep a record of healthcare providers that are deemed incompetent to practice medicine. Gibson and Singh (2003) made mention of the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) that was established in 1986 by Congress, but the biggest problems were that it was inaccessible to the public and had many internal errors, such as duplication. Therefore, the core issue still remains; the culture of cover-up is still in existence.
Nursing Informatics and Technology
As nurses, providing direct care to our patients is an essential part of our practice, along with ensuring patient safety. Many developments have occurred over the years through evidence-based practice (EBP) to improve the quality of patient care. Nursing informatics and technology is a progressive development in the healthcare system today. Informatics and technology have allowed healthcare providers to deliver optimal patient care while still being able to relate to patients on a day-to-day basis. Systems such as, Pyxis, electronic medical records (EMR), barcoding and scanning, online medical resources, medical device applications (apps), and other innovative developments have proven to be effective in the advancement and improvement of quality patient care.
Integrating informatics and technology, as early as nursing school, can prepare nurses to not only acquire the knowledge needed for awareness and acceptance, but also allow new nurses to utilize that knowledge in their own nursing practice. Developing technologica...

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...ble errors. As healthcare providers, it is our duty to provide care ethically and to do no harm to our patients. On the contrary, “the culture of cover-up” still continues to exist today and although technology and informatics have progressively increased quality care, it has not completely eradicated errors. Integrity is the key component for every healthcare provider, along with other characteristics. Therefore, disclosing medical errors with our patients is imperative and our patients and their families deserve to know what occurred during their time of care. Technology is not able to prevent every mishap that cause patients harm (Gibson & Singh, 2003). On the other hand, communication and learning from the mistake can. As Gibson and Singh (2003) so eloquently stated, “…wise people learn from their mistakes, and those who don’t are bound to repeat them” (p. 175).

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