The Culture Of A Human Service Organization Essay

The Culture Of A Human Service Organization Essay

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The culture of a human service organization (HSO) impacts the managers, workers, clients, and all entities interactions. Culture is created and influenced by varies aspects and can be positive, negative, or a combination of the two. This paper will discuss the impact of culture and learning within an organization, and how it relates to supervision, personality differences as well as risk and safety as it relates to culture.
Gardner (2006) states that the culture of an organization can be examined through many different theories. From a postmodern approach it would be asked what are the “different ways that people experience this organization” (2006, p.106). In contrast, a modernist approach would ask, “what is the issue and it’s cause” (2006, p.106). An organization’s culture is comprised of but not limited to rules of behavior, individual’s personalities, hidden agendas, norms, and expectations. The culture is highly influenced by the values of society, the employees, and the clients. Conflict may arise from subcultures within the organization working from different perspectives; such as a proactive culture and a negative crisis culture. Organizations with administrative and professional staff may experience the same conflict. Lastly, the importance placed on shared culture reflects conflicting views. Organizations value unity in regards to their mission or vision statement, but also value differences among employees.
The culture of an organization encompasses how that HSO views learning. Gardner (2006) states that a learning organization looks at the employee as a learner, provides the opportunity to deconstruct assumptions, allows for the exploration of possibilities, and remains open to new information and ideas. Power dyna...

... middle of paper ...

...tude” (Gardner, 2006, p.125).
To conclude, the culture and attitude towards learning within a HSO impacts the approach to areas such as supervision, personality differences, and risk and safety. Each HSO has it’s own ever changing culture influenced by the societal context as well as the managers, workers, and clients severed within the organization. The HSO attitude towards learning influences the way individuals within the organization view change and address working in a culture focused on risk. Learning can also be gained from supervision and a constructive approach to personality differences. Lastly, one must consider if the risk culture is providing a safer society or causing more harm than good. Perhaps by generating an openness to learning, human service organizations would provide safer conditioned to society as well as the managers, workers, and clients.

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