Culture Narrative : Women Driving Car Essay

Culture Narrative : Women Driving Car Essay

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Culture narrative
Women driving car in Saudi Arabia

Fact: Saudi Arabia the only country in the world where women are banned from driving a car.
Saudi Arabia considered as a conservative and a tribal society. The women there do not have the permission to drive, nor do they have the right to issue licenses. In a country lacking from public transportation, the families suffering from managing their daily life, simple things such as taking kids to school, going to work, or even going to market. As a result, Saudi women currently depend on a foreigner drivers imported from other countries. However, not all families have the financial ability to provide drivers for female family members, so they have to rely on male relatives driving them around, or they depend on taxis, which means more extra costs on the family budget.
The reason for this driving ban is rooted in the Saudi culture, as Saudis take their responsibilities to their family quite seriously, moreover the loyalty to family is greater than loyalty to any other thing. Based on that the Saudis men responsible to take care of all family include women, and his responsibility to protect the women in the family from others. So the women raised in a society where the good women depended on the male, and it is difficult for the women to go outside the family house alone by herself, someone from the family member should combine her.
Recently, many changes happened in the Saudi’s society, the women’s education is encouraged, the percentage of female as worker increased yearly. Many women are highly educated, and some of them have a chance to complete their higher degree abroad. While they complete their study abroad a Saudi female had a chance to do many things not allowed to doin...

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... these, two important factors are absent too. The Saudi women’s activities running their movement without such systemic regulation, i.e. no one group or team running this activities. Between time and another, one or two women announce by themselves on the Twitter that they will drive at a specific date and time, and later another two or three women doing the same thing in different date, so these activities unorganized and unscheduled.
In addition to that, discontinuity from Saudi women in their movement are noted, the long gap between each campaign are obvious, from 1990 to 2005 then from 2005 to 2011. It is good to give the society time to think about this movement, however, the topic itself and combined activities should be present in the society, otherwise this discontinuity for the movement makes the objection easy for the society, as well as to the government.

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