Culture Is The Beginning Of Human History Essay

Culture Is The Beginning Of Human History Essay

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Culture is connected from the beginning of human history. Culture is not a neutral concept rather it is unearth in all social, political and historical activities. One’s culture is started is to develop from the family itself and it passing through various stages such as gender ,race , ethnicity, education, ,religious practices and life experience etc Culture is defined as a “socially shared set of values, beliefs or norms and plays a large role in cognitive function and influencing people’s perceptions and reactions to life events”.(Fanany and Fanany 2012 p.46).Being a nursing graduate it is crucial to identify our own culture and analyse how it going interprets in our future career.

My cultural identity, that of Indian/Australian middle- class female. Is born and brought up in South India ( Kerala).Where we can see a culture of synthesis of ‘Aryan and Dravidian’ culture and also had firm religious movements against caste discrimination .My parents belonged to a middle-income family and they used to agricultural work in order meet their family needs. This atmosphere furnishes my personal cultural values and attitudes towards my future profession. The personal cultural values I earned from this cultural background are compassion, communication, empathy and mutual understanding.

My first personal value I would like to reflect is compassion .I assume that my childhood experience( as a caretaker of my grandma in her end of life period)could aid me to stem out this quality and I believe it is essential skill in practice of nursing. Besides it is one of the work ethics in nursing .The nursing experts says that compassion is the heart of nursing and they advice that nursing students will develop this skill through their study period...

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...e-work team relationship. It helps to maintain a good rapport between the patients as well as their relatives. By understanding each other, nurses can reduce their workloads by prioritise the needs of clients and can reduce their stressful situation. If a nurse is not having a mutual ability it will affect the nursing procedures, workflow and patient safety. Besides, it will disturb the emotional status of the patient and their mood of interacting. In nursing field, interruptions are always coming frequently to overcome these distress nurses must know themselves as well as their patients.

To conclude,I strongly believe that it is very crucial to understand our self and recognise the personal cultural values in order to success in future working environment especially in nursing where nurse-client relationship is critical to the treatment of the patient.


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