Culture Is The Bedrock Of A Nation Essay

Culture Is The Bedrock Of A Nation Essay

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Philippines Cultural Paper
Culture is the customs, traditions, and unique way of life for a people. Culture is beauty, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Culture is the bedrock of a nation. Culture includes the body language that is not seen elsewhere, common used crutch words, and the unique accents they hold. What they consider to be polite such as table manners that may seem odd to others. For more homogenous people, it can be the way they look. Some have a traditional outfit or dress for special events and celebrations that were celebrated by their fathers and fore fathers because of a moment in history such as a decisive battle for freedom that was the pride of a nation. Culture is not a temporary popular trend that youths of a nation pick up, unless the trend lives on for generations, than it becomes a way of life. Culture can be pride in one’s people, history, or religion.
Common Cultural Characteristics of The Philippines. Filipinos treat extended family and distant relatives as close family and friends. For any event or occasion, a family will invite not just immediate family but all family members such as cousins on the other side of the family tree. Filipinos are very religious. The most common religions in the Philippines are Catholicism and Islam. Filipinos like to celebrate. Among the religious holidays officially observed in the Philippines are Christmas and Easter, as well as Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan (blaza, 2016). Filipinos commonly eat rice or noodles with every dish. Balut, a parboiled embryonic duck still in the egg, is a popular street food in the Manila area (blaza, 2016). There are over 120 languages in the Philippines, but the most common langua...

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...smaller tropical storms usually occur between June and December. The Good weather helps fruits and vegetables grow well. There is also plenty of fish to catch. Small groups of insurgencies can eat off the land and not need a supply line to keep them fed.
Civil Considerations. The terrain is well vegetated with jungle and provides good cover and concealment. The structures and key infrastructure are operated by the government. Insurgencies could not secure these areas for long, with the government’s military forces heavily securing the areas. Mindanao being an island makes it harder for an insurgency to be effective. Unlike land locked countries where they can evade forces through crossing borders like the Taliban in Pakistan. The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) is the main insurgency group in Mindanao. Chairman Murad Ebrahim is the key leader of the MILF.

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