Essay about Culture Is Important For Our Present Society

Essay about Culture Is Important For Our Present Society

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Culture is understood in many ways to many different kind of people. Growing up, not much time nor effort was placed into grasping the full understanding of what it is to be cultured, how many other cultures you could possibly belong to, or why culture is important for our present and future society. Being able to reflect on one’s own individual cultural identity as well as respect the understanding of others’, can be an up most powerful feeling. First, we must understand that the definition of culture goes beyond the society’s stereotype of what is race and ethnicity and how that defines what culture you belong to.
In lecture we discussed how, “culture is a set of values, beliefs, expectations, worldviews, symbols, and appropriate behaviors of a group that provide[s] its members with norms, plans, and rules for social living” (Watson, 2015). This is important to understand because even though culture is broken up into copious amounts to groups within our society, we all, as human beings fall under one group and collectively we will prosper. Although thinking collectively universal will breakthrough some cultural barriers and tribulations, the most influential we could possibly be on a day to day basis starts at the individual level and what impact we have on our surrounding culture. Uniquely we all carry different cultural aspects of ourselves and therefore have to be comfortable and open to what defines us. Personally, the most influential cultural aspects I can closely relate to would be the cultured life of a student and my cultural heritage of being Hispanic. Both cultural aspects hold their own set of values, beliefs and what is to be expected. At times they run parallel with one another causing little interference with my...

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...wn part has allowed me to grown from the inside out. In my past years, being Hispanic was just something I checked on a box and never gave a second thought, but today I feel the Hispanic in me, I see through the vague and I define what makes me unique.
With the current definition of what it means to be cultured, I am now comfortable knowing that it is okay to feel as if you belong to multiple cultures all at the same time. Culture gives us, as society, a foundation of belongingness. I believe it is important to discover one’s self and to be okay with being completely honest with yourself. Knowing that you don’t have to fit perfectly in one culture will give relief to others’ willing to discover themselves. To feel the comfort ability to reach out to others and to prosper in society, I believe we have to be realistic when it comes to individual and fellow cultures.

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