Essay on Culture Is An Important Concept Of Anthropology

Essay on Culture Is An Important Concept Of Anthropology

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Culture is an important concept in anthropology. Culture is defined as, "sets of learned behavior and ideas that human beings acquire as members of society. Human beings use culture to adapt to and transform the world in which they live." (LS:512). Culture has been used in anthropology to understand human difference, but within this understanding there have been benefits and drawbacks to the ideas of culture. Finally, the study of language and humans as symbol using creatures helps us have perspectives on different parts of the world. All anthropologists share a certain reliance on culture to have a starting point in understanding human experience as a whole.
Anthropologists have used the idea of culture and fieldwork to understand human difference. To further elaborate, culture has been the focus of anthropology. Culture is diverse. It can be defined in many different ways, and there are many different types of cultures. Culture is a strong human tool for survival itself, but it is a tenuous experience. Culture is constantly changing. Our written language, governments, building structures, and other man- made products are merely products of different cultures. For example, take the English language. The English language is what one is taught when they 're a child in America. For children in Germany, they are taught German. Studying different cultures within anthropology allows us to learn about how different humans actually are. Yes, we all breathe, eat, and sleep, but culturally, we are much different than many people. Human culture is shared, learned, patterned, adaptive, and symbolic. Cultural differences matter. Human experiences are inherently ambiguous, and experiences must be interpreted. One of the largest terms to reli...

... middle of paper ... and how it displays diversity; it gives us different perspectives on different parts of the world. The thought and study of language displays openness, and characterizes the human thought process. The use of anthropology to study language helps us understand how different people around the world think, within their actions and perceptions. Human perspectives are open to a vast variety of influences because of symbols and language.
The concept of anthropological studies of culture is important to actually understand culture. Without the study of culture, we would not understand or have an understanding of diverse cultures throughout the world. In my opinion, without the use of anthropology to study culture, we would be ignorant to other cultures and how they live. It would be much harder to understand the world around us and learn about history and culture itself.

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