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Anthropology shows culture to us as a gift to human beings because without culture we would not exist. As described in our first reading culture is observational. As a result, anthropologists study ethnographic fieldwork. “Whether in a jungle village in Peru or on the streets on New York, anthropologists go to where people live and ‘does fieldwork.’ ” This means participating in activities and asking questions, eating strange foods, interviewing informants, and learning a new language. Above all, anthropologists are observers of culture.
Individuals are created biologically and while persons are created by social society. Anthropologists firmly believe that human existence is dependent on culture because culture shapes the social roles people fill on a day to day basis. As an illustration, the book shows us that “reading the newspaper” is a type of cultural behavior while the letters on that newspaper being cultural artifacts. Without these social roles people would not know how to express emotions or respond to any given situation because we understand everything through culture.
Examining any type of culture requires that you have culture and people are incapable of escaping the bounds of cultural interpretation to view foreign cultures without having there own view of their culture. Humans believe things can be natural to us as however anthropologists argue that most of what is recognized as natural is actually a result of culture. For example the words used to communicate daily seem natural because people naturally correspond using language although words and body language must have originated somewhere they are not inherent to the human race. In other words, this is referred to as cultural knowledge. 

Anthropologists s...

... middle of paper ... children since the baby is in them since day one. Generally speaking, women have a certain type of connection that a father or man does not with a baby.
In the United States, women are allowed to have any job, and wear what they want. However, Middle Eastern women are not given such freedom. Many cultures have different views on gender roles. As years pass, women earn more and more rights. For instance, there are women who lead large companies, own their own businesses, and are very active in their community. One business women is Dolly Lenz who is a Baruch Graduate. Dolly is one of the most successful real estate brokers in the world who has sold over $7 billion is real estate. You would have never heard of any news like that a couple of generations ago. In conclusion, gender has changed so much over the past that your sex does not dominate your life style.

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