Essay on Culture Interview Assignment : Counseling Diverse Populations

Essay on Culture Interview Assignment : Counseling Diverse Populations

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Counseling diverse populations has been a very interesting class so far. One of the assignments that excited me is the person in culture interview assignment. This assignment excited me because I think that it is a great idea to talk to people in other cultures because it can be a learning experience. I consider myself to be open-minded and I have been around a few different cultures, so I enjoy learning about different cultures.
The first person I interviewed is Chinese, Vietnamese, and French. Her name is Tina Tang. Her parents were born in Vietnam and came to the United States when they were teenagers. Tina was raised by her mother and grandmother. Vietnamese is the primary language spoken in the house. She had to learn English in elementary school. Tina’s mom speaks some English and her grandmother can understand some words but she doesn’t speak it. Tina’s grandma holds the highest status in the house. She doesn’t work and she doesn’t go out, she stays home and takes care of the children and the house. In her culture it is very important to respect elders. If someone is disrespectful to an elder they get in a lot of trouble and can even be killed. Tina’s mom went to cosmetology school and has owned her nail shop for about 8 years. Tina’s stepdad also works at the nail shop and he is Vietnamese. Education is important because in Vietnam it is not readily available like it is here so her grandma encouraged her to take advantage of the opportunity and graduate high school and go to college. Her grandmother went to school up until middle school.
Religion is an important part of their culture. They practice Buddhism. They pray to Buddha. They never pray for money but instead pray for health. Every single life is important, even ...

... middle of paper ...

...ce of keeping their memory alive. Also in these cultures the grandmother holds the most status. The grandmother takes care of the children and is highly respected. Also both of these cultures consider disrespecting elders as dishonorable. These cultures are also similar because they are both minorities and face discrimination. Of course there are also differences for example: language, religion, holidays celebrated, and foods that they eat. Another thing that is different is that the Mexican culture is very affectionate and loving and Vietnamese culture are not as affectionate, if affectionate at all.
It was very interesting to hear about these cultures and I learned a lot. It is ridiculous for people to say America is a melting pot because there are so many different cultures, languages, food and celebrations. These differences are what makes America beautiful.

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