Culture Influences Our Psychological Processes And Learning Behaviors Essay

Culture Influences Our Psychological Processes And Learning Behaviors Essay

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In this paper I will be describing three cultures that I identify with. The term culture is very broad and it can be applied in ways that one would have never thought. Many people can describe themselves using more than three cultures because of the many different social and ethnic groups that we belong to. These social and ethnic groups come in many shapes and forms but most importantly they are what helps make us feel like we belong. Culture provides us with a basic skeleton of how we are supposed to act and think (subjective elements) and also how we should dress and what we should like (objective elements). However, our own individual personality helps shape that skeleton into the people we truly are. Culture influences our psychological processes and learning behaviors (Yancey).
First off, I identify as being a female. This culture is the one that I feel like I identify with most because it is the largest separator of society and I am naturally always aware of being a female. This culture goes with me everywhere I go because for the most part, women are automatically physically inferior to men. I must be weary of my surroundings in all situations, even though this makes me sound like a very paranoid person. Females are also generally more nurturing, understanding, and sexually submissive in comparison to males. However, today we are seeing more and more women rise up and assume leadership roles that males have previously held in the past. According to former Miss USA, Kristen Wolfe, women have grown to be even more flexible than ever because of their leadership skills, adaptability, temperament and dependability. Lastly, women are known to be emotional, caring, and genuine in nature (Wolfe) (Maestripieri).
Gender roles are...

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...ned the three cultures that I identify with using worldview, child development, and ethnic identity development to support my identification I believe that all identities can be tied to enculturation. According to, enculturation is defined as, “the process whereby individuals learn their group’s culture, through experience, observation, and instruction” (Enculturation). This process is something that all people go through because we learn from the older influences around us. They teach us the culture that they have learned by acting directly and indirectly. Children pay attention to everything and if an attribute is often displayed such as being family oriented then the child will most likely grow up believing that being family oriented is very important. Nonetheless, we are heavily influenced by our cultures regardless of whether we believe so or not.

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